COP 28: Stepping Towards Decarbonization

We have to challenge how we think about development, appreciating that every act of construction has emissions. 

COP28: The Infrastructure Opportunity

It is time to turn our attention to the emissions and climate impacts of our infrastructure.

COP28: Why We Need Radical Change and Just Transition

The planet is speaking in ALL CAPS. Are we listening?

COP28: How I’m making sense of the UN Climate Summit

As you read the headlines and contemplate our changing climate, here are some things to keep in mind.

COP28: Nature-based cooling, building emissions, and human health

A passively cooled building will work like an air conditioner and harness natural forces.

COP28: Local Advocacy Accelerates Climate Action

Local leaders understand climate risks and are accountable to their communities.

Exploring Architecture 2030’s COP28 Themes

Take a deeper dive into this year’s COP28 priority themes with four recently published articles.

Architecture 2030 COP28 Delegation

Architecture 2030 has been hard at work developing our COP28 messaging, forging new partnerships, selecting delegates and putting together an impressive list of subject matter experts for potential UN participation.

Decarbonizing the Built Environment, Deeper and Wider

Architecture 2030 delegates are gearing up to attend COP28 in Dubai this November, planning messaging for the world stage focused on Decarbonizing the Built Environment, Deeper and Wider.