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Architecture students today play a key role in shaping our future. Architecture 2030 is empowering the next generation of architects by empowering educators and providing resources and challenges that enable students to design zero carbon built environments.

The 2030 Palette is a free online resource for the design of zero carbon, adaptable, and resilient built environments worldwide. The database contains sustainable strategies for all scales of design, from building scale to regional scale.

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The CarbonPositive RESET! 1.5ºC Global Teach-In was a full-day “how-to” event focused on the actions necessary to meet the Paris Climate Agreement 1.5oC goals. Presented live in three regions worldwide, all recordings of the events (in English, Spanish, and Mandarin) are freely available on the CarbonPositive website.

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The Carbon Smart Materials Palette is an immediately applicable high-impact pathway to embodied carbon reductions, providing attribute-based guidelines for designing low/no embodied carbon buildings and specifying low/no embodied carbon products.

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The building sector is the single largest consumer of energy and producer of greenhouse gas emissions. This 10-course series, available on AIAU, will inspire architects to meet the 2030 Challenge and achieve zero carbon operations for new construction today through design strategies, efficient technologies and systems, and applying renewable energy resources.

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