2030 Districts Take Next Step as Leaders on Local Climate Change Action

After five years of oversight from Architecture 2030, the fifteen 2030 Districts have established their own non-profit, the 2030 Districts Network.

2030 Districts Expanding as San Antonio and Grand Rapids Launch

Two new cities, San Antonio and Grand Rapids, recently joined the 2030 Districts movement, bringing to twelve the number of 2030 Districts across North America.

2030 Districts Network Launches Marketplace to Give Members Special Pricing on Energy-Efficiency Products

The 2030 Districts Network has established the 2030 Districts Marketplace to provide 2030 District members and partners with special pricing on products to help them meet their efficiency goals.

Perfect Ten – Two New 2030 Districts Established

Two new cities have established 2030 Districts, bringing to ten the number of private-sector led urban districts across North America committed to a 50% energy, water, and transportation emissions reduction by 2030.

And Then There Were Eight

Great American Cities Going 2030

What are the 2030 Districts?

2030 Districts are unique private/public partnerships in designated urban areas across North America committed to reducing energy use, water use, and transport emissions…