roadmapA flexible plan that sets out the emissions reduction targets necessary in the building sector worldwide to avert dangerous and irreversible climate change, including the actions and financing instruments needed to reach the targets.

To simplify and quantify a measured approach to reducing CO2 emissions from the building sector, as part of the full Roadmap, Architecture 2030 prepared a detailed Roadmap 2050 to help individual countries develop customized building sector CO2 emissions reduction targets.

Roadmap 2050 incorporates a range of 10-year reduction targets, and while developing countries may be reducing less, with developed countries reducing more, all countries converge to ZERO by 2050 (some sooner than others).

Along with specific country targets for new buildings and renovations, the report also offers strategies for addressing land-use/infrastructure planning and development, and the needs of both developed and developing countries.

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Architecture 2030 would like to acknowledge the special contribution made to this report by Farhana Yamin, Associate Fellow, Chatham House.