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Charles Eley, P.E., AIA, BEMP, CEM, Member ASHRAE, LEED® AP is an architect, mechanical engineer and author with 40 years’ experience in energy efficient and sustainable design. As a Senior Fellow, Charles worked with Architecture 2030 in creating the ZERO Code, the first national and international zero net carbon building code standard.

His latest book is Design Professionals Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings (Island Press 2016). During his career, Mr. Eley has made significant contributions to the California energy standards, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, and energy codes in Hong Kong, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and Australia. He has also developed a number of important technical manuals and publications; served as the founding executive director of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools; developed a number of energy analysis software applications; and has served as energy consultant for a number of landmark green buildings. Mr. Eley currently writes, serves on non-profit boards, provides specialized consulting, and teaches classes on building energy efficiency and green technologies.

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