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Brett Phillips is an award-winning sustainability leader and advocate, whose private and public work on decarbonization is shaping how the built environment is addressing climate change. He is Vice President of Sustainable and Responsible Investments at Unico Properties, a subsidiary of Unico Investment Group, where he manages high-performance green building and renewable energy projects for Unico’s national real estate portfolio. He is also co-founder and Vice President of Unico Solar Investors, a Unico subsidiary that develops, operates, and supplies solar energy for commercial real estate and business portfolios across the United States.

Since 2008, Brett has overseen sustainable development and operations projects for over 25 million square feet of LEED-certified real estate. Notable projects include the Bullitt Center (the world’s largest commercial “Living Building”), LEED Platinum Stone34 in Seattle, and the award-winning LEED Platinum development of Circa Building in Denver. In a personal venture, he is developing Inspire, Seattle’s first zero-carbon multifamily building which is drawing the blueprint for net-positive residential developments in the region.

Brett is a co-founder and the current board chair of the 2030 Districts Network, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a global network of low-carbon cities. He authored the update to Seattle’s Living Building Challenge Pilot and the creation of the 2030 Challenge Pilot which provide critical land-use incentives for new and existing buildings in exchange for delivering low-carbon buildings. He is also an Architecture 2030 Senior Fellow, where he is promoting the adoption of the 2030 Challenge to rapidly decarbonize the built environment as a central solution to stemming the climate crisis.

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