The AIA+2030 Online and Professional Series enable design professionals to create buildings that meet the energy reduction targets of the 2030 Challenge.

Online Series

The AIA+2030 Online Series is an educational program aimed at providing AIA members and other design professionals with the high-performance building knowledge necessary to meet the 2030 Challenge targets.

Sponsored by Autodesk and delivered through AIAU, the AIA’s online education portal, the ten one-hour courses of the Online Series are based on the highly successful AIA+2030 Professional Series that has been offered to over 30% of AIA’s membership in 25 markets throughout the United States. The Professional Series was created by the American Institute of Architects Seattle and Architecture 2030, with support from the City of Seattle and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

An AIA and Architecture 2030 co-production (in partnership with AIA Seattle), the AIA+2030 Online Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the energy efficiency targets of Architecture 2030’s 2030 Challenge, offering strategies to achieve dramatic reductions in building energy consumption and fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, all the way to new buildings using no greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuel energy.

These energy consumption reductions result in significant savings in energy costs, and the ability to design such high-performing buildings provide firms with capabilities that set them apart in the marketplace.

“This is the first comprehensive program in the U.S. that educates the architectural profession in specific design and technology applications to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions,” said Edward Mazria, Architecture 2030 Founder and CEO.

“As we move towards the necessary phase out of greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment by 2050, the AIA+2030 Online Series is a great way for the design community, wherever they might be, to learn the key skills that they need to design next-generation buildings,” he continued.

Courses I through VI in the series are available now, and the full series will be available by February, 2018.

Access the courses on AIAU here

Professional Series

A full 10, four-hour sessions offered over a one-year period transmit the strategies and tools needed to reach 60% to 100% reductions in fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in building design, giving professionals the skills to create next-generation, high-performance buildings and their firms a “sustainability edge” in the marketplace.

Nationwide, American Institute of Architects (AIA) chapters are taking steps toward reaching the 2030 Challenge targets by licensing and providing the professional development courses of the AIA+2030 Professional Series.


AIA+2030 Central Coast Chapter Series Participants

The Series is marketed to and attended by mid-executive level architectural and engineering professionals.

The influence of the Series reaches beyond those who attend local courses: it is presented nationally as “best practices” through conferences, media, and strategic partnerships.

Architecture 2030 manages the licensing for the Series to local AIA chapters and other organizations, distributes the program curriculum, facilitates communication around professional speakers and partners, and supports newly participating chapters with marketing and planning materials.

The program has three main aims:

  • Impact climate change: give architects and design professionals the tools they need to design for the future of the planet
  • Position architects: demonstrate the leadership of the architecture community on energy efficiency and carbon issues
  • Support continued R&D: expand AIA+2030 reach and resources to fuel continual improvement

AIA’s architect members are serious about climate change solutions, and the AIA+2030 program is a significant step toward impacting GHG emissions in buildings across North America.