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Launching the AIA+2030 Online Series: Education to Meet the 2030 Challenge Targets

New Online Education Series is based on the successful in-person AIA+2030 Professional Series

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the first course in the new AIA+2030 Online Series, an educational program aimed at providing American Institute of Architects (AIA) members and other design professionals with the high-performance building knowledge necessary to meet the 2030 Challenge targets.

The AIA and Architecture 2030 co-production (in partnership with AIA Seattle) is sponsored by Autodesk and delivered through AIAU, the AIA’s online education portal. The ten one-hour courses of the Online Series are based on the highly successful AIA+2030 Professional Series that has been offered to over 30% of AIA’s membership in 27 markets throughout the United States and Canada.


The AIA+2030 Online Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the energy efficiency targets of the 2030 Challenge, offering strategies to reach a minimum of a 70% reduction in building energy consumption and fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions today, increasing to carbon neutral for new building designs by 2030.

These energy consumption reductions result in significant savings in energy costs, and the ability to design such high-performing buildings provides firms with capabilities that will set them apart in the marketplace.

“This is the first comprehensive program in the U.S. that educates the architectural profession in specific design and technology applications to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions,” said Edward Mazria, Architecture 2030 Founder and CEO.

“In order to make significant progress towards energy reduction targets, we’re acting to increase energy literacy within the profession,” said AIA EVP / CEO, Robert Ivy, FAIA. “This series will help showcase the power that early conceptual analysis has to increase the ability of architects to build bottom-line value into their design projects.”


25 AIA Chapters and organizations from across North America have currently offered the in­-person AIA+2030 Professional Series, which was created by the American Institute of Architects Seattle and Architecture 2030, with support from the City of Seattle and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

The AIA+2030 Online Series will have the potential to reach more than 80,000 professionals in geographically diverse regions in all 286 AIA Chapters worldwide, providing them with the knowledge needed to achieve the 2030 Challenge targets.

The second and third courses of the AIA+2030 Online Series will be released this fall, with the full series available by the end of 2016.

> AIA Members and Non-members can access the first course here.

Ed Mazria Receives the Kemper Award and Addresses the AIA National Convention

At the AIA National Convention in Atlanta, GA, Architecture 2030 Founder and CEO Ed Mazria was officially presented with the Kemper Award.

In his acceptance speech to a packed audience of more than 7,000 architects, Mazria told his colleagues, “Because of your critical role in all this [addressing climate change], because you have a moral imagination and see a purpose in what you’re doing, you have given the world the courage to take bold actions to address the defining issue of our time.”

Above, you can watch the video piece the AIA created to celebrate Mazria’s work, and his full acceptance speech.

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