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Architecture 2030 E-News Bulletin 4

"Meeting the 2030 Challenge reduction targets through existing building codes
is the critical 'missing piece' to getting major reductions underway immediately.”

-Edward Mazria

Cracking the Code
A Much-Awaited Approach for Dramatically
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In a major announcement today, Edward Mazria and Architecture 2030 have released an unprecedented and much-anticipated guide for every city, county and state in the nation to swiftly meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets of the 2030 Challenge.

Published in a new white paper, titled “Meeting the 2030 Challenge Through Building Codes”, a single chart provides the key to deciphering various building energy codes, standards and rating systems as they relate to the immediate 50% reduction target called for in the 2030 Challenge. Using the code equivalents provided in the chart below, local governments, states and industry professionals can achieve dramatic reductions and be confident that they are meeting the 2030 Challenge.

2030 Challenge Code Equivalents

Read the Architecture 2030 press release here.
Download the white paper here.

US, Canadian Interior Design Industry
Steps Up to the 2030 Challenge

Over 40,000 interior designers, professionals, students and educators have joined forces with Architecture 2030 to transform the Building Sector from a leading contributor to global warming to a central solution to the climate crisis.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) announced this month that they have taken a major step forward in their mission to advance the interior design profession by officially adopting the 2030 Challenge. With 48 chapters throughout the US and Canada, ASID is the largest, most established professional organization for the interior design industry. “Sustainable design is no longer just an option, it’s a responsibility," stated ASID Executive Director, Michael Alin, "I’m proud that ASID is supporting this important challenge.”

Read the announcement at Healthcare Design magazine here.

Hansen's Testimony Today
Reaffirms Urgency of 2030 Challenge

In a briefing to the House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming, Dr. James Hansen, head of Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, recounted the time wasted and the dangerous planetary changes that have occurred since his original testimony on global warming given in 1988. Repeatedly emphasizing the urgent need for action, Hansen called for building codes to be improved and "put on a path toward carbon neutrality."

Read Dr. Hansen's testimony here.

June 23, 2008

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350 Site is Live
The 350 movement is gathering momentum around the world. Learn more and take action at their new website,

Target Finder Tutorial
Learn how to determine your building's energy use and reduction targets here.

Read the 2030 Blueprint
The 2030 Blueprint study gives a comparative analysis of three approaches to addressing climate change – building energy efficiency, ‘clean’ coal (with carbon capture and sequestration) and nuclear power – while laying a new roadmap for solving the global warming and US economic crises.
Read it now

Watch the Face It Webcast
The Face It webcast is available for viewing at our website.
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