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Architecture 2030 E-News Bulletin 13

• Edward Mazria, John Podesta Video and Q&A Online
• New Webcast: How to Save Our Economy in Under Seven Minutes
• Urge Your Reprentatives to Support 2030's Investment Plan NOW
• Implementing the Investment Plan at the State Level: MA Takes the Lead
• Ontario Association of Architects Adopts the 2030 Challenge

"Conversations That Will Change the World"
DC Speakers Series Presents Mazria and John Podesta;
Video and Q&A Forum Online

Conversations That Will Change The World On February 18, Edward Mazria appeared at the National Building Museum in DC with John Podesta who, as a key advisor to President Obama and President of the Center for American Progress, is another of today's most influential minds. A video of the event, presented as part of the museum's ongoing For the Greener Good lecture series, can now be seen online, with an interactive forum for posing questions to the speakers.

Watch the event online, then join the discussion to ask Edward Mazria and John Podesta your questions on the Q&A Forum (closes April 10). For Edward Mazria's talk, cue video to 12:35.

How to Save Our Economy in Under Seven Minutes
The Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan Webcast
Edward Mazria and the team at Architecture 2030 have created a concise new webcast on The Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan, illustrating clearly how merging the 2030 Challenge targets with a mortgage interest rate buy-down program puts the Building Sector back to work, creating 9 million new jobs, $1 trillion in new spending and investment, and a brand-new $236 billion dollar per year renovation market.

Watch it now, then download the Plan.
The Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan Webcast

Urge Your Representatives to Support the Plan NOW
If the Fed does not tie lower mortgage interest rates to the energy efficiency targets of the 2030 Challenge, we will miss out on a historic opportunity to put America back to work, rebuild the Nation's economy and dramatically reduce US energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Urge your representatives to support The Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan with Architecture 2030's powerful new advocacy tool. To take action now, click here.

Implementing the Investment Plan at the State Level
MA Takes the Lead on Tying Mortgage Buy-Down to Energy Reduction
Masssachusetts ZNEB Task Force In its efforts to achieve a zero net energy Building Sector by 2030, Massachusetts is proposing to create a mortgage buy-down program tied to meeting energy reduction targets, as called for in the Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan.

In a report submitted to Governor Deval Patrick last month, the state's Zero Net Energy Buildings Task Force, recommends a "mortgage write-down" program to "finance deep energy retrofits with no change in mortgage payments", as well as incentivizing "stretch codes" for municipalities that want to pursue more ambitious energy reduction targets.
To learn more about Architecture 2030's efforts advocating for "stretch codes" (also called "reach codes"), please view Edward Mazria's recent Senate testimony. To learn more about our "mortgage interest rate buy-down/energy reduction" concept central to creating the tremendous economic benefits of The Two-Year, Nine-Million-Jobs Investment Plan, view our new webcast above.

Ontario Association of Architects
Adopts the 2030 Challenge
Ontario Association of Architects The 2030 Challenge scored another major ally in Canada this week, having now been officially adopted by the Ontario Association of Architects. The group joins ranks with two other major organizations in the country who have signed on to the Challenge, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Canada Green Building Council.
Learn more here.

April 6, 2009

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Mazria Testifies Before
U.S. Senate Committee
on Energy & Natural Resources Hearing

Senate Committee Hearing
Learn More

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