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"The road to energy independence, economic recovery and reductions
in greenhouse gas emissions runs through the Building Sector."

– Edward Mazria

East Coast Regional Conference
Meeting the Architecture 2030 Goals

On September 16-17, design professionals from across the Eastern United States will descend on Atlantic City, NJ to strategize on achieving the vision set forth by Architecture 2030.
The 2010 East Coast Green Conference, Meeting the Architecture 2030 Goals, is presented by AIA New Jersey, AIA-NJ Committee on the Environment, and USGBC NJ.
Highlighting the event will be keynote talks by three champions of environmental sustainability: Edward Mazria, Bill Reed, and Robert F. Kennedy. Jr.
Learn more here.

Architecture 2030 Launches 'Just the Facts'
New Feature Puts Climate Science at Your Fingertips
In today's political environment, there is much discussion about climate change by people and organizations who interpret the science to support a specific agenda. This discussion is oftentimes misleading, obscuring scientific findings and making it difficult to understand the issues behind, and implications of, this important subject.  
Today, Architecture 2030 is launching 'Just the Facts', a new feature on their website and in the 2030 E-News Bulletin (see sidebar) that will list and link to the most up-to-date climate science from our top U.S. and global scientific organizations. "Our goal," says Architecture 2030 founder, Edward Mazria, "is to make it easier for our subscribers to get the facts and move beyond the rhetoric on both sides of the political spectrum."
For current readings of the planet's 'vital signs', see NASA's Eyes on the Earth:

For further in-depth information on climate change, see the following U.S. scientific organizations:


From Adoption to Action
The 2030 Challenge at Work

Washington State

Oregon Reaches for the Challenge  
Oregon is blazing the trail towards creating a carbon-neutral building sector by developing a Reach Code for building energy performance that will help the State meet the 2030 Challenge targets. Development of the Oregon Reach Code comes after the 2009 passage of Senate Bill 79, which committed the State to pursue meeting the Challenge.
Learn more.

Chicago's Low-Carb Plan  
The City of Chicago, with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, recently released the first phase of its Chicago Central Area Decarbonization Plan. Targeting the Windy City’s downtown Loop area, the action plan aims to reduce carbon emissions 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, and then meet 2030 Challenge goals of 100 percent carbon emissions reduction in new and renovated buildings by 2030.
Learn more.

Seattle Green Permitting  
Building projects that meet the 2030 Challenge in Seattle can now take advantage of an expedited permitting process by submitting projects through the City's Priority Green Permitting Program.
Learn more.


Just the Facts
NEW! Just the Facts
The latest climate science from
our top scientific organizations:

Ice Mass Loss Spreads
Into NW Greenland

GRL and NASA (MAR 2010)
Is Antarctica Melting?
NASA (JAN 2010)
2009: Second Warmest
Year on Record; End of
Warmest Decade

NASA (JAN 2010)
Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' Not Slowing
NASA (JAN 2010)
New Report Provides
Update on Recent
Climate Changes

Greenland Ice Cap
Melting Faster Than Ever

NASA Earth Observatory
(NOV 2009)

Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.
U.S. Global Change
Research Forum

(JUN 2009)

Melting Greenland Ice Sheets May Threaten NE
U.S.A. and Canada

NCAR (May 2009)

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Architecture 2030 Fact Sheet
H.R. 2454 Fact Sheet
An analysis of Sec. 201 of the Waxman-Markey bill; updating the national building energy code to meet the 2030 Challenge targets.
Read it now (pdf).

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Go to the News/Resources section of our website to get the latest news updates on issues regarding climate change and the Building Sector.

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