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March   Architecture 2030 travels to Europe to deliver the Roadmap to Zero Emissions report to the OECD and global climate change leaders.
February   First In-Depth Information Pages released for 2030 Palette.
January   E-Bulletin: US Building Sector Energy Consumption Down; Watch Ed Mazria's Greenbuild Presentation.
Keynotes Addresses:   UN Environment Program symposium, Quebec City, Canada. BuildWell, Sausalito, CA.
Lectures:   Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s Climate Change Expert Group (OECD CCXG) Global Forum, Paris, France.
December   Denver launches its 2030 District, joining the established Districts in Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles which together represent 107 property owners, 111 professional and community stakeholders, and over 97 million square feet of committed real estate.
November   2030 Palette Launches; Ed Mazria presents Master Series Session at Greenbuild 2013
November   E-Bulletin: Ed Mazria's analysis of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.
August   First ever 2030 Districts Summit held in Pittsburgh, PA.
July   Architecture 2030 ranked first for organizational effectiveness in leadership and resource deployment in Design Intelligence survey.
May   2030 Palette released in beta. The 2030 Palette is a free interactive online platform that puts the principles and actions behind low-carbon and resilient built environments at the fingertips of architects, planners and designers worldwide.
January   E-Bulletin: Are we ready for 2013?
Keynote Addresses   NASEO 2013 Annual Meeting & Getting to Zero National Forum, Denver, CO; Net-Zero North American Leadership Summit, Irvine CA, AIA San Antonio Sustainabale Urban Development Luncheon;
Lectures:   Master Series Session, Greenbuild 2013, Phildelephia, PA. SPEER Summit, Austin, TX.
November   E-Bulletin: "New Reality" Grips America.
August   Pittsburgh launches 2030 District.
July   E-Bulletin: US Coal Consumption in Decline.
May   Cleveland launches 2030 District.
February   The first U.S. Product Category Rules (PCRs) for Concrete were released for public comment by the Carbon Leadership Forum. Written to meet the targets of the 2030 Challenge for Products, these PCRs provide the methodology for calculating the carbon footprint (i.e. the global warming potential) of concrete.
February   InterfaceFLOR becomes the first first product manufacturer to adopt the 2030 Challenge for Products.
January   E-News: Bulletin 30, January 2012.
Keynote Addresses   AIA+2030 Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV; HMC Architects, Pomona, CA; US Climate Action Network, Denver, CO; Archispec, Henderson, NV;
Lectures   USC School of Architecture / Cal Poly Pomona, Los Angeles, CA;
Presentations   ASHRAE Puget Sound - Vincent Martinez, Seattle, WA; Young Engineering Professionals of Puget Sound - Vincent Martinez, Seattle, WA; AIA+2030 Series for AIA Denver - Vincent Martinez, Denver, CO; AIA+2030 Series and University of Michigan Lecture - Vincent Martinez, Ann Arbor, MI; AIA Cincinnati- Francesca Desmarais, Cincinnati, OH;
November   Architecture 2030 Founder and CEO Edward Mazria wins the 2011 Purpose Prize, an annual award for social entrepreneurs over 60 who are working to solve some of society’s biggest problems.
October   The Boston Society of Architects/AIA and AIA New York, two of the largest chapters in the nation, join 2011’s nationwide rollout of the AIA+2030 Professional Education Series. With the addition of these two chapters, the AIA+2030 Professional Education Series is now being offered to 25% of AIA members nationwide. AIA New York will offer a new Sustainability by Design Series for meeting the 2030 Challenge in New York City.
September   Architecture 2030 Director of Research Vincent Martinez is elected to the Seattle 2030 District Board of Directors. The newly elected Board was announced at the Seattle 2030 District formal launch on Thursday, September 8th.
September   E-News: Bulletin 29, September 2011.
July   The AIA+2030 Professional Education Series, a partnership between AIA Seattle and Architecture 2030 offering a year-long, 10-part professional course in the design and technology applications needed to produce highly resilient, carbon-neutral buildings, expands across the U.S.
July   E-News: Special Bulletin, July 2011.
July   The annual Design Futures Council "2011 Sustainable Design Survey" ranks Architecture 2030 among the top three most effective organizations (with the USGBC and AIA) advancing green building design and construction in the U.S. and lists Edward Mazria as second among role models of sustainability according to the nation's most influential architects and designers. Read More.
June   The White House announces that The Seattle 2030 District has been selected as one of the three nationwide Community Partners for the White House’s Better Buildings Challenge as Seattle 2030 District website launches.
June   A new Architecture Canada | RAIC website featuring Canadian building projects that meet and exceed the 2030 Challenge posts its first two case studies and promises eight additional projects.
May   Ed Mazria receives an honorary Fellowship with Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in Vancouver, BC.
May   Representatives from FHA, HUD, CEQ and DOE meet with Ed Mazria to discuss the ZNE Plan developed by Architecture 2030 to incentivize zero net energy mortgages.
May   E-News: Special Bulletin, May 2011.
May   The bi-partisan Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011 introduced by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) includes Section 101, Greater Energy Efficiency in Building Codes, which directs the Secretary of Energy to “establish targets for specific years” with each target “higher than the preceding target” on a “path to achieving zero-net-energy” by the year 2030, effectively bringing 2030 Challenge targets back to the Senate floor.
April   E-News: 2030 Speaks, April 2011.
March   E-News: Bulletin 28, March 2011 and Nuclear Fact Check Special Bulletin, March 2011.
March   E-News: Bulletin 27, March 2011.
March   Architecture 2030 releases a Fact Sheet analyzing the Obama Administration’s Better Building Initiative, which contains a modified version of Architecture 2030’s ‘CRE Solution’.
February   E-News: Bulletin 26, February 2011.
February   Architecture 2030 issues the 2030 Challenge for Products.
Keynote Addresses   AIA Arizona Committee on the Environment, Phoenix, AZ; American Solar Energy Society SOLAR 2011 Conference, Raleigh, NC; RAIC Festival of Architecture College of Fellows Convocation Keynote, Vancouver, BC; Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE), Albuquerque, NM; Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA; GreenExpo365 Webinar on the 2030 Challenge for Products; NGA Glassbuild America, Atlanta, GA; AIA New Mexico Convention, Santa Fe, NM; AIA Colorado Committee on the Environment, Denver, CO; DFC Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design, Boston, MA.
Lectures   AIA + 2030 Series presentation for AIA DC at Catholic University, Washington DC; AIA New York at Cooper Union, New York, NY.
December   E-News: Bulletin 25, December 2010.
December   The AIA+2030 Professional Education Series launches national website.
November   Earth Advantage Institute, "Green Day Forum"
November   E-News: Bulletin 24, November 2010.
October   ICC members voted to improve the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) standard by 30% beyond the 2006 IECC as called for by Architecture 2030 and a large coalition.
October   AIA Portland is the first to present 2030 Challenge Design Awards.
September   E-News: Bulletin 23, September 2010.
September   East Coast Green, "Meeting the Architecture 2030 Goals Conference"
August   Edward Mazria lectures at the Chautauqua Institution Lecture Series, "America: On the Brink."
August   Edward Mazria and Vincent Martinez participate at DLR Group's annual DLR University learning retreat.
Read More.
July   Architecture 2030 participates at the launch of the AIA+2030 Professional Series, a partnership with AIA Seattle and other components to help building professionals meet the energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge.
July   E-News: Bulletin 22, July 2010.
July   The annual Design Futures Council "2010 Sustainable Design Survey" of 240 design industry leaders in the U.S. ranks Architecture 2030 among the top three most effective organizations (with the USGBC and AIA) advancing green building design and construction in the U.S. Architecture 2030 is rated first among industry leaders in 'leadership and resource deployment' to move sustainability issues forward in the U.S. Edward Mazria is ranked second among role models of sustainability by the nation's most influential architects and designers. Read More.
June   E-News: Bulletin 21, June 2010.
June   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the Congress on Sustainability in Mexico City, "Mexico: Land of Opportunity."
June   Architecture 2030 unveils a new plan to counteract the $1.4 trillion commercial real estate (CRE) meltdown underway in the U.S. in a report titled, The Imminent Commercial Real Estate Crisis and The CRE Solution. Read the Press Release.
June   The Seattle 2030 District gains traction.
May   E-News: Bulletin 20, May 2010.
May   Architecture 2030 issues a paper entitled Building Sector Intervention Points, a description of the most effective intervention points to affect change in the residential and commercial building sectors.
March   E-News: Bulletin 19, March 2010.
Keynote Addresses   Real Estate/Housing Convention, Mexico City, Mexico; DLR Group Retreat and University, Bain Bridge Island (Seattle), WA; National Association of State Park Directors, Santa Fe, NM; East Coast Green Meeting the Architecture 2030 Goals, Atlantic City, NJ; A Better World by Design, Providence, RI; 2010 UNM Distinguished Alumnus Award Keynote, Albuquerque, NM; Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC), Austin, TX; Earth Advantage Institute Green Day Forum, Portland, OR; Tulane School of Architecture Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Lectures   Capitol Hill conference co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute, Columbia University Law School, University of Virginia Law School, and Vanderbilt University Law School, Washington, D.C.; Alliance to Save Energy EE Global, Washington, D.C.; Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY; Distinctive Voices at the Johnson Center, National Science Foundation, Woods Hole, MA.
December   E-News: Bulletin 18, December 2009.
November   Edward Mazria receives the first annual Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing.
Read More.
November   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at Build Boston, "New Economy, New Climate, New Thinking."
November   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the Bronx Economic Summit, "Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs."
October   Architecture 2030 issues the One-Year, 4.5-Million-Jobs Investment Plan.
October   Edward Mazria speaks at the American Institute of Architects Large Firms Roundtable Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC, "2030 Update."
September   E-News: Bulletin 17, September 2009.
September   Edward Mazria speaks at Commonwealth Club: Redefining Growth - Build It Green in San Fransisco, CA.
July   E-News: Bulletin 16, July 2009.
June   E-News: Bulletin 15, June 2009.
June   The 2030 Challenge targets are included in the American Clean Energy Security Act (H.R. 2454).
June   The 2030 Challenge targets are included in the American Clean Energy Leadership Act (S. 1462).
June   The U.S. House of Representative hears Architecture 2030 testimony on the topic of "Self-Sustaining, Market-Based Jobs vs. Handouts." Read More.
May   Architecture 2030 issues the 14x Stimulus Plan for state and local governments.
May   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the 12th Sustainable Building Symposium, "ECOnomics of Greening the Built Environment," in Calgary and Edmonton, BC.
April   E-News: Bulletin 14, April 2009.
April   E-News: Bulletin 13, April 2009.
March   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at GREENPRINTS 2009 in Atlanta, GA.
March   E-News: Bulletin 12, March 2009.
March   E-News: Special Bulletin, March 2009.
February   The National Building Museum in Washington, DC hosts a conversation between John Podesta, key adviser to President Obama and President of the Center for American Progress, and Edward Mazria on "A Green World is a Safer One," part of the museum's ongoing lecture series: For the Greener Good, Conversations That Will Change the World.
February   The Senate Committee of Energy and Natural Resources hears Architecture 2030 testimony. Read More.
January   E-News: Bulletin 11, January 2009.
January   Edward Mazria lectures at UCTV and the University of California Santa Barbara, Arts and Lecture Series, "Now It's Personal."
January   Architecture 2030 issues the 2 Year, 9 Million Jobs Investment Plan.
Keynote Addresses   AIA Indiana Green Building Symposium, Indianapolis, IN; ICLEI Local Climate Leadership Summit, Washington, DC; AIA Ohio Valley Regional Convention, Cincinnati, OH.
Lectures   University of New Mexico Symposium, Albuquerque, NM; Audubon Society, Santa Fe, NM; Applied Solutions Conference, Santa Fe, NM.
December   E-News: Bulletin 10, December 2008.
December   E-News: Bulletin 9, December 2008.
October   E-News: Bulletin 8, October 2008.
September   E-News: Bulletin 7, September 2008.
August   E-News: Bulletin 6, August 2008.
June   E-News: Bulletin 5, June 2008.
June   Architecture 2030 publishes the white paper "Meeting the 2030 Challenge Through Building Codes", a guide for every city, county, and state to meet the targets of the 2030 Challenge.
May   E-News: Bulletin 4, May 2008.
April   E-News: Bulletin 3, April 2008.
April   Architecture 2030 publishes the 2030 Blueprint, a comparative analysis and series of recommendations regarding energy efficiency, coal, and nuclear power.
February   E-News: Bulletin 2, February 2008.
January   Architecture 2030 launched the Reverberate Design Education Campaign, a follow-up event to the 2010 Imperative Global Emergency Teach-in.
Keynote Addresses   Urban Land Institute Trends Day, Phoenix, AZ; CEFPI’s 6th Annual High Performance Schools Symposium, Scottsdale, AZ; ULI Green Building Conference, Sacramento, CA; “Florida Under Siege,” Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Miami, FL; International Self Storage Convention, Orlando, FL; “Philanthropy's Role in the Climate Crisis,” The Eileen Rockefeller Growald Symposium on Collaborative Philanthropy, San Francisco, CA; Portland Product and Service Conference, Portland, OR; Salt Lake Sustainability Conference, 2008 Build Green, Salt lake City, UT; Integrated Design/Integrated Development Conference, Plymouth, NH; US Green Building Council, Colorado Chapter, Denver, CO; AIA Iowa Annual Convention 2008, Des Moines, IA; AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference, Honolulu, HI; 2008 Idaho Energy and Green Building Conference, Boise, ID.
Lectures   University of Louisiana at Lafayette, School of Architecture and Design, Lafayette, LA; Dallas Evening Lecture, Waco ICLEI Mayors Meeting, Dallas and Waco, TX; Solar 2008, American Solar Energy Society Annual Convention, San Diego, CA; Building and Climate Change, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM; National Clean Energy Summit, Las Vegas, NV; 60th Annual Conference of Southwest Foundations, Austin, TX; University of New Mexico Homecoming, Albuquerque, NM; Pratt Institute Presidents Lecture, New York, NY; 59th Annual Conference of Southwest Foundations, Colorado Springs, CO; Sustainable Architecture Lecture, Bermuda.
December   E-News: Bulletin 1, December 2007.
December   The 2030 Challenge is mandated for all federal buildings in the Energy Independence and Security Act
(H.R. 6)
November   Architecture 2030 publishes the full-page ad "America: Nowhere to Hide" in the New York Times.
October   Architecture 2030 advertises in the New York Times: "Want to Stop Global Warming? Stop Coal".
September   Architecture 2030 issues Nation Under Siege; Sea Level Rise at our Doorstep study.
September   Architecture 2030 places New Yorker ad: "Think You're Making a Difference? Think Again."
July   Illinois takes a step toward carbon neutral buildings by 2030. Read More.
June   Edward Mazria delivers the Plenary Address, "Nation Under Siege," at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Convention in Los Angeles, CA.
May   Edward Mazria delivers the closing keynote speech at the CNU XV Convention (Congress for the New Urbanism) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. CNU adopts the 2030 Challenge for Planners.
May   Architecture 2030, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy, finalize an agreement of understanding which establishes a common benchmark and a goal of net-zero energy buildings. Read the Press Release.
May   The 50to50 Architecture 2030 Imperative Adoption Toolkit is presented at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention in San Antonio, TX.
March   E-News: Issue 4, March 2007.
February   Architecture 2030 hosts the 2010 Imperative Global Emergency Teach-in, Live Conference and Webcast with over one-quarter million participants worldide.
February   The State of California adopts the 2030 Challenge in residential and non-residential buildings.
January   Edward Mazria delivers the Plenary Address at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 75th Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.
Keynote Addresses   2007 Xeriscape Conference, Albuquerque, NM; NSEA Building Energy 07 Conference, Boston, MA; AIA Professional Development Conference, Chicago, IL; Living Future 07 Conference, Seattle, WA; EcoDensity 07 Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Lectures   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; AIA Jersey Shore Conference– Point Pleasant, NJ; Conference of Southwest Foundations Austin Meeting, Austin, TX; USGBC / AIA Orange County Annual Lecture, Orange County, CA.
October   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Energy and Environment Summit in Atlanta, GA.
October   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the Series on Sustainable Environmental Design for the University of Calgary and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in Calgary, Canada..
September   E-News: Issue 3, September 2006.
August   The American Institute of Architects (AIA) hosts a planning meeting on 50to50, a 2030 Adoption Toolkit for meeting the 2030 Imperative.
June   Santa Fe, NM, Sarasota County, FL, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) adopt the 2030 Challenge.
May   E-News: Issue 2, May 2006.
May   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the U.S. Conference of Mayor's Emergency Summit on Energy and the Environment in Chicago, IL.
May   The U.S. Conference of Mayors adopts the 2030 Challenge.
March   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the International Forum on architecture, Beijing China.
February   E-News: Issue 1, February 2006.
January   Architecture 2030 formally launches the 2030 Challenge.
January   Architecture 2030 issues an open letter to the architecture, planning, and building community which cites U.S. statistics indicating that the building sector is responsible for half of all U.S. global warming emissions.
January   The roughly 80,000 member American Institute of Architects (AIA) adopts the 2030 Challenge.
January   A New Mexico Executive order by Governor Richardson requires all state funded buildings to meet the 2030 Challenge.
January   The 2030 Challenge target of 50% energy reduction is included in LEED certification.
Keynote Addresses   Chicago AIA, Professional Development Conference, Chicago, IL; Oregon AIA, Oregon Design Conference, Salishan, OR; AIA Committee on Design / Committee on the Environment Conference, Washington D.C.; New York State AIA Convention, Syracuse, NY; Arkansas USGBC, 2006 Arkansas Sustainability Conference, Little Rock, AR; Teton Green Building Conference, Jackson Hole, WY; American Solar Energy Society, Solar 2006, Denver, CO; AIA National / Chapter Advocacy Conference, Portland, OR; Republicans for Environmental Protection Annual Conference, Denver, CO; HPAC, Engineering Green Building Conference and Expo, Austin, TX; West Coast Green Conference, San Francisco, CA; South Atlantic Region AIA Annual Convention, Chattanooga, TN; EEBA Excellence in Building Conference, Norfolk, VA; Design Futures Conference, Santa Fe, NM; Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Scottsdale, AZ; 2006 ARC, US Conference, Newport Beach, CA; 2006 Ecobuild, Federal, Washington, D.C.
Lectures   LASE, Los Alamos, NM; New Mexico AIA / New Mexico USGBC, Albuquerque, NM; City of Chula Vista, CA; AIA Sustainability Task Force, Chicago, IL; National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors, Santa Fe, NM; International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), Chicago, IL; Kansas City AIA / USGBC, Kansas City, MO; City of Rio Rancho, NM; NYC Partnership / NYC Planning Department / Suffolk & Nassau Counties, New York City; National Wildlife Federation, Reston, Virginia / Washington D.C.; USGBC / AIA Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA; San Francisco AIA / Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco, CA; Conference of Southwest Foundations, Albuquerque, NM; Frank Lloyd Wright Lecture Series, Scottsdale, AZ; AIA Large Firms Roundtable, Washington DC; University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV; University of Texas Arlington, TX; LA Community College Conference, Los Angeles, CA; University of Washington, St. Louis, MO; USGBC Annual Convention, Greenbuild, Denver, CO; AIA CEO Meeting, Washington, D.C.
June, 2005   Sixteen of the world's leading architectural institutions sign the Las Vegas Declaration, a commitment to reduce the Building Sectors GHG emissions.
May, 2005   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's annual convention, challenging the international architecture community to take the lead in the fight against global climate change.
March, 2005   Edward Mazria delivers the keynote address at Environmental and Social Sustainability in Trentino, International Conference, Trento, Italy.
October, 2003   Metropolis Magazine publishes "Turning Down the Global Thermostat."
September, 2003   Metropolis Editor in Chief, Susan S. Szenasy, teams up with Edward Mazria to produce Key to the Global Thermostat, a series of conferences in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and New York.
2002   Edward Mazria establishes Architecture 2030 as a part of his architecture practice.
2002   Architecture 2030 redefines the Building Sector.
Keynote Addresses   Aspen Green Building Conference, Snowmass, CO; Sun Valley Sustainability Conference, Sun Valley, ID; American Institute of Architects New York State Conventions, Ithaca, NY; Wyoming Winter Conference, American Institute of Solar Power 2005, Washington, D.C.; ArchFest Boston 2005, Boston, MA, American Institute of Architects Sustainability Summit, Washington, D.C.; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Miami, FL.
Lectures   Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA; Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama; University of Oregon, Eugene, OR; Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA; Ecosa Institute, Prescott, AZ.

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